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Per Week 
Unlimited Classes 

Paid Weekly
12 Week Minimum
Auto Renew
Cancel anytime after 12 weeks
Free Freeze/ Suspension Time  


12 Weeks
Unlimited Classes

Paid Upfront
12 Week Minimum 
Auto Renew
Non Refundable
Free Freeze/ Suspension Time  


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• Discounts on Private Lessons
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 • Unlimited Classes

Dance With Me SYDNEY  (“DWMS”) Membership Agreement Terms & Conditions

1a. DWMS reserves the right to change the conditions of Membership, hours of operation, classes and instructors, at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice to the Member. Any such changes may be notified to you via email, studio signs and announcements or Instagram/ facebook and on the website.

1b. The terms and conditions and the signed membership form may be changed or updated by DWMS at any time at its discretion and without prior notice.

1c. You must inform DWMS of any change in your contact details, bank accounts or credit card details for payment, or any other information relevant to your Membership.

1d. You must sign in at reception every time you enter the studio, or notify the instructor of the class you are attending once entering the class.

1e. Please book into any course you choose to attend through our online registration system:    ( MINDBODY ONLINE ). Without booking, you may not be allowed to join a class, as numbers may be limited and classes may reach full capacity.

1f. The online registration closes once the course has started.

1g. You must register according to your level only. If you are unsure of your dance level, please speak prior to registration with an instructor of our team or our directors. Instructors and Directors reserve the right to inform you at any time to lower your class level if they believe it is more suitable for you, as well as the safety and  progression of our other students and members.

1h. Members who fail to attend a course for 3 weeks in a row, can be removed from this course at the discretion of the instructors or Director of DWMS.    

1i. No Transfer or refunds are possible on DWMS Services purchased.

1j. The studio may be closed for up to 14 days each calendar year during the christmas/ New Years period. During this time your membership will be suspended. Therefore upto 14 days per year the studio regular classes may not be on. We also usually provide services during public holidays at no extra cost. Should you wish to freeze your membership the regular freeze conditions apply. Refer to the Suspension/ freeze membership section of the terms and conditions.

1k. DWMS reserves the right to make changes to the timetable, As it is subject to change.

1l. You may subscribe to the DWMS dance class membership (“Dance Membership”) via this link:         

1m. During the term of your Dance Membership, you shall be entitled to attendance to unlimited scheduled “drop-in” dance classes within your dance level(this does not include courses, master classes, special workshops, or holiday workshops).

1n. Specialty workshops and choreographies are not included in the membership fee but can be purchased at an additional cost. 

1o. You must be able to produce photo ID if requested by an DWMS staff member in relation to your use of the Member Benefits.

1p. Your Dance Membership will include eligibility to receive information about other promotional discounts or benefits (“Promotional Benefits“) at DWMS’s sole discretion. DWMS reserves the right to offer, withdraw, change, cancel or determine your eligibility for any Promotional Benefits in our sole discretion. Promotional Benefits may be subject to terms and conditions which shall apply in addition to, and prevail to the extent of any inconsistency with, these Terms of Use.

Minimum term of membership:

2A. The Dance Membership can be terminated at any time after the 12 week minimum membership term.

2B. Before Cancellation or Suspension can be approved the minimum term 12 week period must be completed, after this period all cancelation or suspensions of the dance membership must be sent in writing via email to:

2C.  Where you have entered into an Agreement for a Minimum Term,  the date the agreement is signed sets the first day of the 12 week period. Should you cancel the contract during this minimum 12 week period. Fees of the remaining contract and dance membership term must be paid in full.

Minimum Age

3A. Membership is limited to persons who are at least 16 years of age.


Cancellation of Membership

4A. Your Membership may be cancelled by DWMS if you do not adhere to the Guidelines, if your behaviour at DWMS is not acceptable, or for any other reason that the management decides is appropriate. DWMS reserves the right to refuse future Membership to you in these circumstances.

4B. Except where set out elsewhere in this Agreement, cancellation by you within the Minimum Membership Term is only permitted by payment of an Early Termination Fee, based upon the remaining period of your Minimum Membership Term:

4C. Early Termination Fee is the remaining balance of the minimum 12 week membership term.

4D. Requests for membership cancellation must be submitted in writing to with a minimum of 1 weeks before your next membership payment is to be debited.


Transfer of Membership during minimum term

5A. Weekly Dance Memberships are not transferable.

5B. Course/ Workshop/Choreography payments are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances.


Permanent Incapacity

6A. If you become unable to use the studio’s facilities by reason of permanent physical/medical incapacity, you will need to provide DWMS with a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner clearly stating that you are permanently unable to attend dance classes. The membership termination will include the following charges:

6B. The cost of services already provided by DWMS, determined by the duration of the membership prior to the termination notice;

Member’s Assumption of Risk

7A. You are aware that the use of the premises and its facilities and your participation in classes/ choreographies, social dance parties and training programs conducted by DWMS may involve strenuous activity and special risks. You assume the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for any injury (including but not limited to personal injury and disability), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability or expense of any kind or nature, that you may suffer arising out of or in connection with the use of the studio’s facilities or participation in classes/fitness programs.

Limitation of Liability

8A. In consideration of the grant of Membership to you, you hereby release and forever discharge DWMS from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, penalties, fines, costs and expenses howsoever arising that you may have incurred arising from or in connection with your Membership and/or use of DWMS facilities and equipment, or from being on DWMS premises to the fullest extent permitted by law and whether caused or contributed to (directly or indirectly) by any act of negligence, breach of duty or default/omission on the part of DWMS and its respective owners, directors, officers, employees or agents.

8B. In consideration of the grant of membership to you, you agree that DWMS will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any of your property. Further, DWMS will not be liable for any death, personal injury or illness occurring on studio premises or as a result of use of facilities or participation in classes on or off the studio premises.


All members undertaking weekly debit membership payments must acknowledge and agree to the following:

2a. Your weekly Membership Debit must be paid by a valid nominated bank account and or Credit Card. By Subscribing to a dance Membership you authorise us to charge you at the current rate on a weekly basis in accordance with the payment terms found here.

2b. Your weekly billing cycle will begin on the date that you sign up for your Dance Membership and will be renewed on the same date each week (your “Billing Cycle”).

2c. The number of debits and amount is determined by your Agreed Membership Period at the studio or by the terms and conditions presented online at the the time of purchasing your weekly membership.

2d. On each occasion that a scheduled weekly payment is declined for any reason, the Member gives permission to Ezidebit to charge a Declined Payment Fee. The current decline fee of $10.00 may change without prior notice.

2e. Should any payments, fees or other debts remain due but unpaid from any source, DWMS may suspend the Membership until all fees and other debts are paid in full.

2f. Should any member not comply with their agreed payment terms DWMS engages the services of a Debt Collection agency to collect member accounts including failed payments, cancelled direct debits and all other breaches. It is noted that should debt collection be required any costs incurred by DWMS payable to the agency will be the responsibility of the member.

2g. Unless cancelled by written request via email to: your Dance Membership will continue after the Minimum Period/Term, and you will continue to be charged the applicable current weekly fee for each Billing Cycle in accordance with the Payment Terms.

2h. We may increase the weekly subscription fees for Dance Memberships at any time by giving you at least one (1) month notice except where such increase is required by law or any regulatory authority (in which case we will try to give you reasonable notice).


3a. You may suspend or freeze your Dance Membership at any time after the minimum term set in the membership agreement (“Suspension”) by contacting DWMS via email with at least 48 hours notice.

3b. During a valid Suspension, you will not be charged any Dance Membership fees.

3c. All Dance Membership fees must be paid up to date prior to requesting a Suspension.

3d. The minimum duration of a Suspension is two (2) consecutive weeks. You may continue your Suspension in weekly periods thereafter up to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks.

3e. You may activate a Suspension twice within a twelve (12) month period. Any additional Suspensions within that twelve (12) month period may incur additional non-refundable fees as per the Payment Terms.

3f. You may not activate a Suspension within the Minimum Term.












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