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Choreography Prices 2024

1 x Partnered Choreography = $300 ( First Release Price ) Current 
1 x Partnered Choreography = $325  ( Second Release Price ) Begins Monday 22nd March July

1 x Solo/Shines Choreography = $270 ( First Release Price ) Current 
1 x Solo/Shines Choreography = $295  ( Second Release Price ) Begins Monday 22nd March July

NB. Prices are only for Season 2024 Red Carpet Gala and cannot be used with any other choreography or Season

Get ready to take on a new and exciting challenge?

Learn an exciting Team Choreography with fellow students guided by our professional team of instructors and experience what it’s like to dance under the bright lights with a roaring crowd cheering you on.

We have a variety of Choreographies to suit your level of experience and dance style!

Here are 4 Benefits to Performing on stage!

1. Self-Confidence

Performing for an audience requires a dancer to step out of their comfort zone and into an environment where all eyes are on them.

Once they get out there, they are forced to trust themselves and be confident in their own skin. It can be scary at first, but through the years we watch our students grow into confident dancers who believe in themselves.

This confidence flows over into everything they do, both on and off the dance floor!

2. Teamwork

Working well as a team is an ESSENTIAL part of life.

We love helping our dancers to learn the value of teamwork and communication while preparing for a performance or competition.

3. Goal Setting

Performing on stage gives you something BIG to work towards.

Whether your goal is to overcome that fear of performing for the first time

Developing and accelerating your techniques (like Cuban motion and styling)

Challenging yourself through competition

Losing a few extra kg through extra weekly exercise

4. You’ll Build Creative Self-Expression

Every person is unique, with a story to tell and should be able to express that.

Performing provides a creative platform to develop and express one’s individuality, these skills will follow you throughout all aspects of your life


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